Thursday, February 7, 2008

Do you smell what Barack is cookin'?

Barack Obama. The Rock. Same person. 

I came about this theory as I happened to overhear one of Barack's speeches being played in the office. "Hmmm...why would Ingrid be playing a clip of The Rock?" She doesn't strike me as a WWF fan (sorry, I refuse to acknowledge the whole WWE name change thing). Plus, how old was this clip? Didn't The Rock finally complete his metamorphosis into Dwayne Johnson?

As I investigated, I was stunned to discover that it wasn't The Rock. It was Barack Obama. Close your eyes and listen to these clips. I defy you to tell me I'm wrong.

The same voice. The same tone. The same cadence. The same inflections. The same amount of substantial content in each speech (sorry, I'm not quite sure that I'm believing the change just yet). Has no one else thought of this? Am I naive to somehow think that I am the originator of this theory?  It's uncanny.

By the way, on a completely side note. Based strictly on aesthetics...give The Ba-Rock the presidency. How come no one else can spend some coin and get a drop dead gorgeous identity and branding system? Based on the fact that I am not really lining up with any of the candidates all too well, sadly this could very well end up being a significant tie breaker for me. Check out Barack's site and see for yourself.


Tbone said...

Awesome, and well put.

twhittenton said...

Yeah, this was my first impression the first time I heard Obama speak (at the '04 Democratic convention). Right down to the catch phrase in your subject line - I was actually hoping Obama, or at least a surrogate, would use that back then. Glad someone else hears the similarities.

HummingBird said...

Absolutely. I just wore my new shirt for the first time yesterday.

Vee said...

Sh*t it would be cool to see the Rock deliver the State of the Union speech.

Although I don't watch it as much, I'm fine with WWE.

meloncolony said...

ok every comparison video is no longer available. get it back!